Sod Install Steps

Here are a few of the steps needed to complete an installation of sod rolls from New Lawn Sod Farm:

  • Level the ground and remove all debris
  • Start at a straight level edge of your lawn
  • Lay the sod staggered in a “brickwork” pattern
  • Pull each roll together very tightly, leaving no gaps
  • Trim uneven edges and around shapes by using a spade
  • Water. A lot.

Lawn Care

Install your sod immediately upon delivery. Remember, sod is a living plant and needs good ground contact and water to survive.

Watering your new sod must begin immediately (within 15 minutes) after installation. Once an area is large enough, use a sprinkler to water your newly laid sod.

Put plenty of water down with the first application. We recommend at least one inch to thoroughly soak the sod and the soil under the sod.

Pay special attention to corners and edges. They tend to dry out sooner and they are harder to water properly.

If your new sod does dry out accidentally, most likely it will turn brown. This does not mean it is dead; it will probably green up in about two weeks with proper water application.

After the initial watering, water your sod enough to keep the soil underneath moist, but not muddy. In cool weather, this might mean watering every other day. In hot weather, you may need to water two or three times per day. It is important that you not let the sod or soil underneath dry out between watering sessions.

In seven to ten days, the sod should begin to root into the soil underneath and you may lessen the frequency of watering sessions to once or twice per week, depending on weather conditions.

Important: frequent shallow watering sessions are not good for your new sod. This causes the root system to grow near the surface. Water less often but more deeply. Over time, the roots will follow the water down into the soil. The result? A lush healthy lawn!

Caution: During the first two weeks avoid heavy or concentrated use of your new lawn. This will give the roots an opportunity to firmly root into the soil to ensure an even lawn.

Mow your new lawn every seven to ten days after installation. Prior to your first mow, let your lawn dry out for a day so it can firm up prior to running a heavy lawn mower over it. A basic mowing rule: never remove more than 1/3 of the leaf blade during a single mowing.

For the best appearance and better resistance to disease, make sure your mower blades are sharp.


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